Just so you all know… 3

The site is working back as it should. It’ll look like a blog for a few weeks whilst I have a good old fashioned rebuild and a bit of a break and my usual summer holidays!

I’ll still be contributing, and so will Riigi but expect the site to look like this till about the last week in July!

Thank you for all your support, including that of my mysterious benefactors who got the site back up and running when I was melting down in Stockholm! 😉

Random videos – Here we go again

High voltage

Are you enjoying your weekend? For me it’s a time for doing nothing because work is getting hectic and my manager can’t keep his staff. And I don’t mean the Eurovision-type website that I work for. Now onto today’s song. I’ve gone random today, as there is only one birthday and I’ll save that for 2017. This song is to date the last song by Romania to appear on the Eurovision stage. The band Voltaj had an interesting take on Eurovision fortnight, and performed a set in some small bar in sunny Vienna. They were one of the best bands I saw in that city, although to be fair there wasn’t much competition. This video is the English language version of the song, as I know some of you out there aren’t that well-versed in Romanian.


ESC birthdays 25 August – Just let me cry

Albanian Airlines

What have been your showstopper performances over the years? Is it one of those good old Schlager things that get some fanboys in a bit of a tizzy? Or is it a really big Balkan ballad, the sort of thing that Mr Željko Joksimović would get involved in? Or something completely different. Go on, you can tell me. I won’t say a word, even if your show stopper song is ‘Say a word’. There’s a certain fan out there who goes to pieces when he hears the song by today’s birthday girl. Whether it’s the tempo, the passion, or even the fact that the title is in Latin, that sets Rona Nishliu’s song apart from the rest. I’ve avoided the contest performance and picked the preview video, filmed at great expense, instead. Rona is 30 today.

Gezuar Ditelindjen, Rona!

ESC birthdays 23 August – What do we want?


Plucky little Belgium has only managed one win, and many of us ask why. Either “why have they only won once?”. Or “why did they win with that song in 1986?”. Still, they try and that’s the important thing, isn’t it? So that leads to the question of what a country like Belgium has to do to win. Enter a song in a particular language perhaps? Adopt a particular style? Or get Thomas G:son to write them a song? To be fair, some of them have come close, including that charming little ditty from Laura Tesoro this year. Some 24 years ago, it was RTBF’s turn, and they sent birthday girl Ingrid ‘Morgane’ Simonis. She name checked a certain Soviet leader (bless him) and told us of her love for the orchestra, but it didn’t stop her coming 20th in what was the biggest contest at that time. Morgane is 41 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Morgane!

ESC birthdays 22 August – Mimosa anyone?


Some of you might remember those heady days in the United Kingdom of stuff when they had sumptuous national finals featuring a plethora of acts, a cutting edge set, and an orchestra. What a time they must have been to be alive and an ardent fan of our favourite TV show. Those days appear to be long gone now, as the BBC have a small final with loads of style, a small amount of substance, and no final table of who finished where. Some might say the 21st Century way is better. So to remind you of how things were, here’s a song from 1981 from a certain combo called Buck’s Fizz. It’s the special day of their member Robert Gubby, known to us as Bobby G. Bobby is 62 today.

Happy birthday, Bobby!

ESC birthdays 20 August – Hallelujah-ah-ah-ah


Fear not, dear reader, I’m back. I’m had a few days of rest and relaxation, watching the fun and games taking place in some Portuguese-speaking city. You know the one I mean. Shiny metal discs galore for some people, but disappointment for others. However, I’ve not just been watching the Istmian Olympic Games. I’ve also been wandering over open countryside and among trees. And that tenuous link leads me to today’s birthday girl, whose song was all about open countryside and trees. She even had dancing trees on stage with her, although they looked a little too much like people to convince me they were really trees. But what do I know about? Maybe Kristína Peláková thought they really were trees. Kristína is 29 today.

Šťastné narodeniny, Kristína!

Random video – Who will rise up the medal table?

Trampoline avatar

Here at Oneurope we like this Olympic thing. The countries, the anthems, the near misses. What’s not to like? And you get all these countries that, dare I say it, don’t take part in our favourite TV show. You know the ones. They might want to take part. But they can’t. Or won’t. We still love them anyway. And when you get places like Fiji, Puerto Rico and Vietnam winning their first ever gold medals, you have to smile. So a sport event needs something high octane and funky just to get those endorphins going. And what better than a song that featured a trampoline in its stage show in Copenhagen?




Well I know i’ve been a bit quiet on here lately but i’m a firm believer in not saying anything when there is fuck all to say.

There are other sites that will tell you minutae of how badly Kiev and Odessa and….. the other one are doing and how we’re all going to be in a tent/stadium/tent etc come next May, usually from people that aren’t going or have never been to Ukraine.

Me? – I’ve had a holiday in Northern France and avoided the carnage in Nice by not being anywhere near it. I come back and avoid the carnage of picking an location for this gargantuan event by not being anywhere near it and, finally, I’ve not avoided the Olympics by being submerged in a green diving pool’s worth of coverage.

So, the heat is on…. the time is right…. time for you to play your game… well.. maybe – but team GB are doing a good thing at the moment.

So what’s going on here? – Riggi is “entertaining” you with some videos… I’ve left the site in blog mode for a bit…. we’ve got an archive project going on ( more of which in the coming months)…. downtime before September? – I should think so!

Enjoy Summer ( or whats left of it!) – I will!!

Random videos – Olympic addiction


Yep, you’ve guessed it, I’ve gone all random again. I thought it was time I picked a song that you might not hear very often. Indeed, some of you might not consider that today’s song is a proper bona fide Eurovision song. After all, it didn’t appear in Millstreet in 1993. But it was part of an official pre-selection, sanctioned by our friends at the EBU. It finished fourth, due to its own jury members shooting themselves in the foot. Would this song from Slovakia’s Elán have done better than Fazla, Put or 1XBand? You tell me. The song starts at 2.06.


ESC birthdays 9 August – Don’t worry be Norwegian

Odd one out

Here’s a veteran of his country’s national finals today. He may not be the eternal tryer, a Ralph Siegel if you will. But he took part in five national finals, winning one. One of his songs was hastily withdrawn when a plagiarism accusation was thrown at it, implying it was a Norwegian version of a song by Sir Cliff Richard. Today’s birthday boy is Odd Børre Sørensen and here’s his slightly repetitive song about tranquility. Or is it? Odd is 77 today.

Gratulerer med dagen, Odd!