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The site is working back as it should. It’ll look like a blog for a few weeks whilst I have a good old fashioned rebuild and a bit of a break and my usual summer holidays!

I’ll still be contributing, and so will Riigi but expect the site to look like this till about the last week in July!

Thank you for all your support, including that of my mysterious benefactors who got the site back up and running when I was melting down in Stockholm! 😉

ESC birthdays 28 July – Want a piece of my jubilations?

Cliff Richard

Have you ever been shocked by something Eurovision related? Something that makes you do a double take as a result of something you’ve seen or heard. The occasional performer gives this a try, but probably never more than our good friend from Iceland Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir, who you might know better as Silvía Night/Silvía Nótt. She turned up in Athens ten short years ago with her own unique antics and playfully lyricked song. Her song, of course, borrowed its titles from the runner-up in 1968, but it didn’t quite do as well. In fact she finished 13th out of 23 in her semi-final. At least she beat 10 countries. Silvia is 34 today.

Til hamingju með afmælið, Sylvia!


ESC birthdays 27 July – You, yes you, not you, have got to get a life


Think of a country that starts with the letter ‘A’ and finishes with the letter ‘A’. Which one did you think of? Algeria? Argentina? Antigua and Barbuda? You’re nowhere near. Have another go, this time with countries that take part in our favourite TV show. You give up? Well today’s song is – to date – the final song by a certain country. A small one, but no doubt perfectly formed. Andorra last saw Eurovision action in 2009. They entered the whole range of quality, from good to not-so-good. This song by birthday girl Susanne Jonah-Lynn Georgi Puigcercós was one of the best in my humble opinion. Susanne is 40 today.

Per molts anys, Susanne!


Random videos – A song with a twist


Are you more a Connie or a Johnny? Or perhaps a bit of an O’Smarty? Go on, admit it, you’ll fall into one of those categories. Or at least wish you did fall into one of them. And it just so happens that there is a song to fulfil your desire. It’s from our crazy crazy potato-mouthed friends in Denmark. I know there’s at least one of you out there in Oneuropeland that loves loves loves this song. He may have just come back from a few weeks or R&R. Well, tell me if you like this song. Or if you don’t. I’d be glad of the feedback.


ESC birthdays 25 July – There’s something I need to do…

Drink and sunset

I’m going all Mediterranean today, as it’s the summer, and some of you must be heading that way to catch a few rays. This song might even get you into the sunny, partying mood. Today’s song isn’t your typical partying song, it’s more a gentle thing if you want to chill out with some summery southern European drink. Just picture the scene of that sunset of sunsets, the sun going down into the sea, with the background of waves lapping against the shore. And above all that, Γιάννης Καραγιάννης/John Karayiannis and his lilting ballad. John is 22 today.

Χρόνια πολλά, John!


ESC birthdays 24 July – Make you mind up


If at first you don’t succeed, could be the motto of many a Eurovision performer. Some come along, have an indifferent result, and are never seen again. Others come along, get a great result, and then return only to win the whole thing. Then there are those that come back multiple times and have varied fortunes. Today’s birthday girl Sigríður ‘Sigga’ Beinteinsdóttir tried as a soloist, part of a duet, part of a group, and even as a backing singer. No victories, but her duet yielded her country’s best result at the time. See if you can guess which one she is here. Sigga is 54 today.

Til hamingju með afmælið, Sigga!


ESC birthdays 22 July – Numa numa?


Do you have another one of those big weekends planned? The sort you see in adverts for cars, where you and a group of quirky friends go windsurfing? Well today’s birthday boy Arsenie ‘Arsenium’ Todiraș did that just over ten years ago. He made the best of a little holiday in Athens with his quirky friends Natalia Gordienko and Ștefan Relu ‘Connect-R’ Mihalache. He even had a sailboard on stage. if you’re aware of Arsenium’s oeuvre, you’ll know that he was once part of the O-Zone. Arsenium is 33 today.

La multi ani, Aresnium!


Random video – Here come the girls


You love a good video, so here’s one that might fall into that category. It’s that loveable, I couldn’t find the official preview video of it, so I’ve found the Grand Final performance for your viewing pleasure. You might even recognise the venue from a certain shindig about two months ago. And what is this song that you are about to view? Well it’s from our favourite country that’s home to such cities at Salsburg and Graz. So by now you’ll know it’s Tini Kainrath, Kim Cooper and Lynne Kieran. You can work out which one is which.


ESC birthdays 20 July – Just make it stop!


Some songs come along and really get under your flesh. You want to know more about them. You think that you have got what a song is about, but you want to be sure. And all of your friends are in the same situation. In the case of today’s duet between Kjetil Mørland and birthday girl Debrah Scarlett (born Joanna Deborah Bussinger), there’s a school of thought that thinks Kjetil was really a certain Israeli singer from 1989. It’s a far-fetched theory but maybe not one to be discounted. Debrah is 23 today.

Gratulerer med dagen, Debrah!


Random video – Wait just a little bit


It’s a proven scientific fact here at Oneurope that the best Eurovision of all time is 1985. You disagree? Well name a better one, clever clogs! I’m sticking to 1985 being the best anyway. And to celebrate how good it was, I’ve picked a random video of one of the songs in that golden contest. As you’ll know, this fest of fests started with a song from the most successful country at Eurovision. At least, they weren’t quite the most successful at the time. But Maria Christian gave it a good go. Here’s her classic video that epitomises the age she sang in. Mullets aplenty here.


PS. She now has seven children I understand. What a gal!


ESC birthdays 18 July – Looking hi, hi, hi, ken, ani od hi

Silver medal

Do you tire of songs that have been choreographed to within a centimetre of its life? So much so that the song seems to be secondary to how far a group of backing singers can strut sideways? Or massive books, staplers or fake rocks on stage? Well there was a time when the song contest consisted of people just singing. Yes, just singing. No gimmicks or fancy costumes. Just imagine that. After all, it is a song contest. Some would say that it lost its mystique when colour came along. So here’s a song in glorious black and white that came second. Bryan Johnson followed his sister and brother-in-law. Sadly, he died in 1995. Bryan would have been 90 today.